Mecca Loop Box level 3 – Reviewed!

Hello there Fashionistas!

I had a craving for a new blush. You know, when you look at your blushes and you think: oh, i don’t have a nice orange/coral? No?

Well. That is what happened to me. I had been told of the new range of Nars Dual Intensity blushes that were being released last week so I went to pick one up at my local Mecca Store. I also bought a Whitening Mask I had been reading up on. Maybe this might work on my hyper pigmentation!

Nars Dual Intensity in Frenzy








Perfect timing, because the next round of Loop Boxes had just been released and mine was waiting for me!

Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Loop boxes are available to those who spend a minimum of $300.00AUD a year at any Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima or their online shop. They have 4 boxes available per year (each quarter) and the level of box (1, 2 or 3) that you receive will depend on the amount of money you have spent in the previous 12 month period before each review date.

I am at Level 3, (yep, that means I spend wayyyy too much there!).

Read more about it HERE

Let me tell you these gifts are usually very generous. But oh so dangerous, because somehow, it makes you addicted to new products. Very clever Mecca, very clever.


So what is in the box this time?




Mecca Cosmetica Soft focus Smoothing Primer

A brand new release: Mecca Cosmetic Soft Focus Smoothing Primer. 15ml Sample. Full size at 45ml for AU$40.

A lovely, silky soft primer. I have tried this on my hand before, in store, and it leaves a beautiful layer on the skin. Highly perfumed, which I like, but might not appeal to others. Will test this tomorrow.

Radical Skincare Advanced Peptide Serum

Radical Skincare Advanced Peptide Serum. 8ml Sample. Full size is 30ml for AU$220 

Yes. You are reading this right. $220 for a serum. Good luck to those that can afford it, but I certainly can’t. By my calculation, this sample is worth nearly AU$60. I haven’t tried it, I don’t want to waste a drop but this is what it says on the card inside:

This anti Ageing serum is filled with advanced peptides to fight off the signs of ageing. the formula contains active ingredients to hydrate, brighten and soften skin whilst improving uneven complexion and skin sagging.

I will have 3 please.



New Release: Diptique Florabellio EDT 2ml sample. Full size is 100ml for AUS$148

A lovely floral fragrance by the famous maker of the gorgeous candles.



By Terry Densiliss Trio ( Primer 2ml, Concealer 0.5ml foundation 2ml sample). Full sizes: Terrybly Densiliss Primer AU$152, Terrybly Densiliss Concealer AU$89, Terrybly Densiliss Foundation AU$152.

I already own the foundation. It is a treatment foundation infused with anti ageing serum and it is Gorgeous! Saving this for Winter when my skin is a little on the dry side. I am keen to try the primer and concealer in particular to see what they are like.


So even though at first glance this seems a little meagre, the quality of the samples is excellent. Super high end products that are good to try before buying.  Very pricey though. I will not be in a hurry to replace these samples with full size products. Maybe the Mecca Primer… we will see how it goes.

Anything take your fancy here?


Til next time,



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8 thoughts on “Mecca Loop Box level 3 – Reviewed!

  1. Would love any of those samples! Would be amazing to try. I never get up to that level at Mecca though!
    May recently posted…Skivvy HighMy Profile

    1. I have to admit May, I was a little shocked by how much I have spent in a year. However, this includes skincare and perfume as well. Let’s face it, I am an addict x

  2. They look great! The L1 box had some nice stuff too- I was in Mecca yesterday too for some retail therapy (it’s been a tough week!)… Received a nice Ren exfoliating sample, By Terry finishing powder, a Mars primer and Too Faced shadow insurance which I already own.
    The expensive samples really are dangerous though! Last time I received a sample of an amazing anti ageing serum that was about $220… Felt so incredible but I don’t know if I can bring myself to spend that much on one item! 🙂

    1. Oh level 1 sounds fantastic! Yeah they suck you in don’t they. That is how i got to buy a $150 By Terry Densiliss Foundation!! Be strong, we will be strong. Repeat after me… We will not purchase anything that is in the Loop Box, We will not purchase anything that is in the Loop Box…


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