Witchery AW15 Collection – Preview

I am a Witchery fan. You may have gathered that by now.
Classic lines, great shapes, and all the muted colours I love plus some pops of colour here and there. Perfect, no?

Today I received an email with a preview of the Witchery AW 15 collection and I think it is a winner. It is really hard to think about Winter clothes when you are holidaying on an island with 36C+ every day. However, what I saw in the Netherlands back in November is still fresh (see what I did there?) in my mind.

I saw cozy knits, fake fur on EVERYTHING including bags, boots and sleeveless vests, plaids were still hanging around, lots of (p)leather not only in black but soft buttery colours, including olive. Blanket wraps and cocoon coats in camel and winter pastels. Most of these things are way too hot for Sydney Winters and the only things I bought were a cute pair of studded ankle boots from River Island, a fur infinity Scarf from River Island and a grey pleather vest from H&M. I desperately was trying to find ways to justify buying a fake fur white coat that looked just scrumptious and a sleeveless long black fur vest. Practicality prevailed!

As far as I am concerned, the new Witchery collection is right on point.
All of the colours and shapes mentioned above jumped out at me. Cozy knits, and creamy winter whites galore.

See what you think.

Witchery AW15

Witchery AW15

Witchery AW15 skirt

Witchery AW15


And then. The soft greys. Like a overcast sky.


Witchery AW15



Witchery AW15 grey


Witchery AW15


Witchery AW14

All images courtesy Witchery Fashion

Nice huh?

Put away the statement necklaces. This streamlined minimalistic look is made for super fine jewellery.

I know we are still in the middle of Summer, and even wearing just a loose cotton dress makes me sweat, but I am sorta looking forward to colder weather to wear these beauties.


What do you think of this collection?

It will be available instore and online very soon at www.witchery.com.au

I am not sponsored by Witchery, (although I would like to be!!) I am just a fan!


Til Next time,


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