Product Review – Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit – Bare Chest alert!

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I am not totally unfamiliar with Silicone to treat scars and skin lesions.

I have been applying, on and off, silicone strips over my scar that was left behind when my porta cath was taken out. (an under the skin disk that feeds directly into the artery to make it easier to inject chemo therapy. Veins have a way of disappearing after a while of prodding and poking with a needle.)

Silicone has healing properties by adding extra moisture to the area, whether it is scars or lines. It also stimulates the production of collagen, whilst flattening the raised scar area.

So, when I read about Wrinkles Schminkles to treat those horrible horizontal lines that are evident in the morning on the décolletage, I was instantly hooked and was dying to try it.

Gabrielle Requena, founder of Wrinkles Schminkles, was kind enough to send me a kit to try and ONE FOR ONE LUCKY READER TO RECEIVE!!


For those that have no clue what I am on about, just think of this.

Skin is like bread.

Fresh bread, is pliable and bouncy, and when squeezed will bounce back to its original size.

Old or stale bread however, will stay the way it is squeezed. For quite a while anyway. Cumulative sun exposure is the leading cause of damage – we lose elastin as we get older, and the sun has left its mark with brown spots and redness.

When sleeping – especially those side sleepers – the skin creases. Creases = lines.


This is what it says on the Wrinkles Schminkles Website: 

You can’t stop time but you can slow it down with our Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Chest Decollette Pads. Your chest wrinkles and décolleté and décolletage wrinkles can be caused by sleeping on your side, ageing and sun damage.

Our clear, Silicone Chest Wrinkle Pads – worn while you sleep (because we know you’ve got more important things to do when you’re awake) – are the perfect non-invasive chest wrinkles treatment and work effectively to smooth out your chest, cleavage, decollette and décolletage wrinkles – leaving you feeling and looking younger and full of confidence. Apply to your delicate chest area, and it’ll work while you sleep to relieve and visibly soften wrinkles, so you wake up looking refreshed and ready to start each day with confidence.

Wrinkles Schminkles Silicone Chest Decollette Pads perform a simple little miracle, every day that they’re a part of your night.

Wrinkles? Wrinkles Schminkles.


I hate those pesky horizontal lines.

This is what they look like when I wake up. “I woke up like this”

Yep. Stale bread lines. My scar is on the right hand side.


It was extremely easy to use:

  • Cleanse and dry the area,
  • Peel the plastic film off the heart shape (aww) pad, and expose the self adhesive side and apply directly on clean, un-moisturised skin.
  • Sleep.

Wrinkles Schminkles


This is how I woke up:



Wrinkles Schminkles
The redness was there directly after I peeled off the pad. I was a little concerned that it may have stayed like this, but the redness disappeared and the lines stayed away!


An hour later, after my shower and after moisturising.


Wrinkles Schminkles
It is magic. Smooth as. This was taken about an hour after removing the pad. You can still see the imprint of the heart shaped pad.



I have not used filters or Photoshop.  These are real photos and are not retouched. The lighting is a little different because the natural light was a little different!




Wrinkles Schminkles



The lines stayed away all day.


The Silicone Pad is reusable and will last for 20-30 uses. Just wash it once a week and store when dry in the packaging provided.


I love this product. A simplistic, easy, practical way of getting rid and preventing lines on the chest. No creasing, no lines! Makes sense, no?

Would I buy this? Absolutely.

And I am dying to try the Forehead and Eye Smoothing Kit and the Neck kit. For those people who have had a history of smoking, the Mouth Smoothing Kit may just be that product you have been looking for.!


Put away that scarf, and put away that turtleneck. Flaunt that smooth chest. But please use an SPF30+ to protect, because sun damage is permanent.


Buy online at Wrinkles Schminkles or check their site for stockists in your area.

I have been gifted a Chest Smoothing Kit valued at $35.95 and the clever people of Wrinkles Schminkles have also given me one to give to one of my readers.

Leave a comment below to enter the random draw (sorry Australian Residents only this time), and I will draw a name on Sunday night to rush one to you before Christmas Day.

Would you like one of these? Of course you do!



*Update: Malinda from The Style Within has won the Chest Smoothing Kit! Congrats xo



Til Next time,


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34 thoughts on “Product Review – Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit – Bare Chest alert!

    1. haha you don’t have to stop sleeping on your side Vicki, I tried and I get poked because I snore on my back!! Well, so my hubby says anyway. this product makes so much sense, why no one had thought of it before is beyond me. Very clever.
      Good luck Vicki, fingers crossed for you x

      1. no se contabiliza mi voto parece, yo voté, je, 4 estrellas, tampoco voy a andar dando 5 todo el tiempo, jeje, pero ahora dice “sin votos”, qué?! mi plata no vale?! jeje

  1. Janet Nicholson says:

    What a brilliant idea. I’m off to their website to check out the Eye and Mouth wrinkle removers, definitely need to get rid of those pesky lines! Thanks Barb

    1. Hey Jen, I’m surprised no one has told you about silicone for scars. I use one called Dermatix for skin cancers I’ve had removed and it’s really good! Worth asking about xx
      Malinda recently posted…Fortune Favours The Fashionable!My Profile

      1. I just had a quick chat to Jen. The silicone pad I reviewed here is a lot thicker than the sheets I used for my scars but it has the same effect. It is very expensive stuff those sheets, but I used to cut them up and reuse them. Worth looking into Jen x Thanks Malinda xo

    2. We had a little private chat earlier, but thought I would post in here just in case someone is asking the same question:
      I believe the pad is a little too thick to be of use for scarring. Any silicone sheeting i have used for scars is a lot thinner. Contact some drug companies and ask for some samples, that way you will know if it works for you. Good luck xo

  2. Natasha Andrews says:

    Thanks so much for the review – I have been thinking about trying these – I will definitely give it a go now (and sooner if I am the lucky winner). Would love to see how you feel after a month of using it – to see if it has any long lasting benefits (especially as it is silicone)

    1. Hi Natasha! I am amazed how good this works. And the smoothness lasts all day. That is a great idea, I will post updated photos during the month.
      Fingers crossed you win x

  3. WOW!!! That is amazing

  4. Would love to try this product. I need it all over my body! I am covered with surgery scars and scabs, scars and awful skin infections from needing continual immunosuppressive therapy to treat chronic illness. Be nice to at least get a break from the wrinklys for a while!! I’ve spent a fortune on silicone gels in the past. Can’t believe how reasonably priced this product range is- what a find.

    1. Fingers crossed you win Tanya! This silicone is actually quite thick compared to any silicone sheets i have used in the past, but it seems to work! I am excited about this product and can’t wait to try the other products x

  5. Wow Barbe,
    That’s cool. I’m always asleep on my side and getting to an age where I need to start making a bit more of an effort in all things beauty / skin care related!
    Thanks for the fab post xx
    Malinda recently posted…Fortune Favours The Fashionable!My Profile

    1. it is such an easy fix Malinda, and worth giving a go! You always look so stylish, you don’t need to change a thing x

  6. Lauren Butler says:

    Wow That’s amazing hun!! I am sorry your port healed with a scar, I had one a few years ago for heart problems nasty things, nasty scars!! Your amazing, love your stuff xoxox

    1. It is really weird Lauren, that is the only scar that hasn’t healed well. It has been fixed once already but I can’t be bothered anymore. The silicone I had used before definitely made an improvement though. It is flatter and not so angry red. Gotta love that! thanks for commenting xoxoxo

  7. What a great idea, I sometimes wake up with massive sheet marks/wrinkles on my chest.. I am going to check out the lip and eye pads. Love your stuff Barbe xx

  8. Oh my goodness Barbe! I think I sm really going to have to try this! The eye area one sounds brilliant as well!!

  9. Milly Olsson says:

    Oh my god a little bit of magic in the shape of a heart. Just what every girl needs. I’m 50 in May and would love to try a little bit of that magic.

  10. The only thing is it does not stay stuck on me all night

  11. Natalie Illich says:

    I waz badly scard by hot oil on both arms I’d LUV TO TRY a sample of this and your wrinkle pads …… I’d b willing t o b a valued customer if u let me try this I can only ask …..THANKS

  12. Deva gulabovska says:

    Would love to try before i buy as so many things that have been advertised arent always what they say they are how would it work with nite sweats caused by menapours will it stay on any one product im happy to try chest, eye, or moulth thanks

  13. I did not see any results from this product. The company has a no return policy so buyer beware! I would try these from a company with a 100% guarantee. They might work for you but if they don’t, at least you can get money back! Don’t buy wrinkles Schminkles!

    1. Daisy, I contacted the company and they told me they have not had any communication from you? So before you go badmouth a product on social media, maybe you should get in contact with the company first to see what they have to say. Just a novel idea.

  14. These did not work for me. This company has a horrible return policy so buyer beware. I would try these from a company with 100% guarantee so you’re covered.

    1. Unfortunately that is life Daisy, there is no 100% guarantee for anything. What might work for one, will not work for everyone.

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