Where I went: The Netherlands, Amsterdam – Rijksmuseum and Canal cruise

It seems really strange being a tourist in the country I was born. A lot of the sights I used to take for granted, but seeing it as a tourist puts a whole new spin on things.

It is even a great experience for my family, who have lived here all their lives, a reminder to them how beautiful the city is that they live  in – looking through my eyes.


I haven’t been to the Rijksmuseum since I was in my early years at High School and that is a very very long time ago. There has been several renovations and the place looks so impressive. ( I just read that it took 10 years and about $500million !!)

The Netherlands National Museum’s most famous tourist attraction is The NightWatch by Rembrandt.


The museum is dedicated to  the Dutchness of Dutchness


the Nachtwacht – Rembrandt


Even the Grounds are stunning. The Rijksmuseum is located on Museumplein (square) where the Stedelijk and Van Gogh Museum are too. In the Winter, they enclose an area and it becomes an outdoor skating rink. The famous word IAMsterdam is spelled out in huge letters on the square too. Such a great atmosphere.


[cincopa AEFA5LsnGkgp]


One of the reasons for my sister and I to visit, apart from the classic traditional art,  was the Modern Times Photographic exhibition. A collection of 20th century photographs.

Really enjoyed it.


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It was a busy day. We organized a cheese and wine cruise around Amsterdam that night. My mum, my sister and me headed down to the inner city on a really cold evening.



Finally, a fabulous installation at the Rijksmuseum. Filmed using hyper lapse, this is called, Shylights, depicting blossoming flowers. it is also symbolic of women blossoming throughout their lives.
Gorgeous x




We fell exhaustedly in bed that night. What a great day.


Do any of these photos bring back memories for you?


Til next time,

Barbe x


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  1. Yes a lot the pictures of your pictures look familiar to me. I love Amsterdam, and Van Gogh’s museum. Great pictures.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. Van Gogh museum will have to be on my to -do list, I didn’t make it this time.
      Thanks for commenting x

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