November Challenge: 30 lipsticks for 30 days

I have sooooo many lipsticks. In fact you could say I am a little addicted. (And that was an alternative blog name: Lipstick addict )

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I am not sure how many lipsticks, lip glosses and palettes I have, but one day I will count them. Of course, we all have our own favourites that we wear day in, day out, and we leave the others just sitting there for special occasions.  So here is my challenge. Make use of the thousands of $ I spent on lippies – before they go off- and wear a different lipstick each day for November.

I would love for you to join me and I will add you to my gallery that will be broken up in colour ways. I am aware that not everyone has bought as many lipsticks over the years as myself, but I would love to see your favourites. Just snap a piccy when you are wearing your favourite with a description of what it is: Brand and colour. That would be so great! What would be even better if you wear that colour that you haven’t worn for ages.

Why not?

Life is too short!

There is another reason why I am doing this challenge. I believe that anyone can wear ANY colour they like, because with minor adjustments to the rest of your make up, we can make the lipstick you thought doesn’t suit you, WORK!

Join me on Insta and hashtag #30lippiesfor30days, or send them to me on, or inbox me on Facebook!!

See? No excuse! I hope you pick up some tips along the way, because there is NO reason why you shouldn’t wear an orange, or a coral or a bright pink or go GOTH! We can do it and have a bit of fun with it.


Let’s go!!

( I have listed Australian pricing wherever I was able to supply the RRP)


November 1:

I spent the night in the hospital for a small operation, and it was 35C. So, it was a very natural lip and a bit of blush to make me look a bit less tired.


Nars Orgasm Lipgloss $ 35 and Blush $ 39



November 2:

Out for Breakfast on Sunday Morning. A neutral lip needs a bit more around the eyes. A very deep brown eyeshadow and black kohl finishes it off. I outlined the lips a little bit outside the line to create a fuller lip.

Youngblood Cosmetics: Blushing Nude $38 and Napoleon Perdis Lipliner Cocoa $28



November 3:

Back to work, I love an orange lip with a white top. I went a bit easier on the dark eyeshadow and used a bronze eyeshadow lightly all over and used ELF Eyeliner . I used Guerlain Terracotta as the only other colour on my face.

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick Electro AUS$12.95



Now what to wear for Melbourne Cup Day tomorrow? I am thinking a dark Berry!


See you then!



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8 thoughts on “November Challenge: 30 lipsticks for 30 days

  1. I’m hopeless when it comes to selecting lipsticks. I also carry about 6 on me at any one time. What I think I need to do is take on a challenge like this and start experimenting with more bold colours.

    You’ve certainly given me food for thought.
    Mystery Case (Raychael) recently posted…Worth Casing Wednesday | Back It UpMy Profile

    1. Have a go at some new lipsticks, or use one you think is too bold for day. And wait for the compliments to roll in! Thanks for supplying the link up x

  2. I am sooooo boring with lipsticks (maybe I got too carried away in the nineties with hot pink and blood red….) Now I am a slick of Dior Gloss and good to go – however in reading your great post I might just be tempted to branch out – LOVING the Nars Orgasm Gloss (of course… it ‘s gloss…), also the Young Blood one…I’ll give them a go…
    Monique@The Urban Mum recently posted…My secret to a Happy Marriage? Holiday separately…My Profile

    1. I love a good colour Monique, and I will have a go at wearing any colour (haven’t broken out the super dark purple yet!), but putting on a soft gloss or a nude, is liking putting on your slippers after wearing stilettos. Would love to see some pictures of your favourites x

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