3 Lust Have Pants from MLM Label

I know drop crotch pants really don’t suit my body shape: I am short and have quite short legs, even for my frame.


But I don’t care.


I love them, and I will continue wearing them, even though they make my legs look like they are 10 cm long!


I chased this lady down the street today. She was wearing the most AMAHZING pants I have EVER seen.

She wore them with a plain white t and a sleeveless leather quilted hoodie jacket.  What I should have done was take her picture, but that would just be a bit creepy.

I did ask her where her gorgeous pants were from, and now I am sitting here trying to justify buying them.





I counted 3 different types of leopard print on these pants. THREE!



What a great range the MLM Label has! Have a look at these drop crotch beauties




Shop them HERE



Let me share with you my range of drop crotch pants.




They are ridiculously comfy. And they will stay on my 10cm long legs forever.

Have you tried drop crotch/harem/low slung pants?



Til Next time,


Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM

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4 thoughts on “3 Lust Have Pants from MLM Label

  1. You obviously have the legs for this look! I’m a shorty too but rather bottom heavy with thickish ankles. I would love to wear something like this because it looks really comfortable but I fear not only end up looking as short as I am but twice the size.

    1. I would honestly just give them a go Raychael! try different heels, streamline the hips with a longer style blazer, find the look you like. xo

    1. How could I not Andrea! I wore mine last night, and 3 people asked me where i got my pants. See? I already got my moneys worth.

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