Baby, You’re so fine… delicate jewellery trend

There is still room for statement jewels, but there is a definite trend to fine, delicate jewellery.

The thinnest of bands around fingers, small  studs and fine, fine chains.

I like.

Do you?


via fabfashionfix


Pink Loulou silver_star_ring from Hunters and Gatherers
Pink Loulou silver_bow_ring from Hunters and Gatherers
Samantha Wills from Hunters and Gatherers



Sarah and Sebastian


sarahandsebastian line earrings






Amber Sceats


Amber Sceats


Amber Sceats


Samantha Wills Minerals



Samantha Wills via



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Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM

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