Are you Race Ready? Spring Racing inspiration!

I was unsure about what to wear to the Races at a recent event, so I did my research before deciding on my outfit. See my outfit here

I fell in love with a particular fascinator and tried to find an outfit that would complement this. I realise that it is usually the other way around, but that is what happened!


So here are some of the images and websites I looked at to find out what the rigueur du jour for Spring Racing Carnival 2014 in Australia:


Feast your eyes on, fascinators, hatinators, (yes that is a word) and great accessories to maybe dress up the shift dress you have in your wardrobe!


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In my search for inspiration for a Race Day outfit, I came across a website overflowing with stunning fashion photography.

You MUST check out,  for the most beautiful images you have ever seen.

Her “What to Wear to the Races in 2014″ article, will tell you everything you need to know about what’s in and what’s out!




Another great Website I found was this:

Chocabloc full of fashion, etiquette and racing tips, this is your go to site for anything racing fashion.

Image courtesy This is exactly what you need! enough hands to hold champagne, race guide and pen, and you can touch up your lippy all at the same time.



I am not a seasoned Race Day visitor. But I can give you some hints through my observations on the Race Day that I attended.

  • If you are planning on going on the lawn, leave the stilettos at home and go for a chunkier heel or a wedge. (and chuck a pair of fold up ballet slippers in your clutch). You will more than likely be standing most of the day.
  • Talking about clutch, opt for one, that you can tuck under your arm, or has a little strap, just so you have your hands free for the race guide and a pen and/or a glass of champagne.
  • A shawl might come in handy, we noticed first hand how cold it can get once the sun goes down!
  • I saw a few ladies making a half hearted attempt at sticking something in their hair. Like Fabulous Femme writes: a couple of feathers in your hair does not make a fascinator!. Neither does that flower crown you picked up at Diva last summer.
  • When in doubt, go for a shift dress. Race wear is not cocktail wear, leave the glitter for clubbing. Try Cue for some great understated dresses with great shapes, and then go for an extravagant head piece to top it off! (I am a little bit in love with this Saba Dress, check out their other dresses, all suitable for the races!)


Have Fun! There is so much to see, and it is not just the horses! I loved watching people just as much as having a punt.

Check my Pinterest account for more Race Day inspiration!

(featured image courtesy of



Til next time,


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