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You may well wonder what those flashing gorgeous pictures are in my sidebar. They are ads and links for companies that I am affiliated with. I am a total fan of these companies and the products they produce.

Her Fashion Box is one of them and my new addition is Hunters and Gatherers.

Just wait til you see the AMAZING products they sell: Women’s fashion, accessories, funky homewares (yes, pineapples and all things tropical!!), Art and men’s and kids fashion. Great site for presents for you or others.

Now go and start your Christmas shopping y’all. (Sign up to their newsletter and get $10 off)

I just did.

I have ordered my goodies and will do a review when I get them.

Here are some of my favourite things on the site.


Samantha Wills jewellery is still 20% off.
This one is coming my wayyyyy
Gorgeous homewares too
The “Roundie” Beachtowel. Why didn’t anyone ever thought of this. Gorgeous!
Peace Out Circle Cushion
Burger Beanbag

(All images courtesy of Hunters and Gatherers.)

Til Next time, when I will be a little poorer,

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM

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