Shades of Grey

The sight of the first one, has women running to get it covered. Grey hair signifies getting older, losing pigment in the hair. I remember the day my sister pointed my first one out to me and I was horrified! “pull it out! PULL IT OUTT!!” I get my 4 weekly cover up (it used to be 6) , and make no bones about it. It will be a long time before I will be brave enough to let it go, if I ever will. And I can imagine the feeling of relief – the feeling of not fighting the ever increasing thick white hairs.

I stumbled across some wonderful images. It seems that Grey is quite a fashionable colour to have these days – natural or not.   I am sitting on the fence for this one. As beautiful as these women are, and as much as I applaud their confidence, I have yet decide on a date/year when that is going to happen to me. I am too vain. When is it ok then? When I turn 60? or Earlier? or Later? I guess it will happen for me, when I feel it is right.

Just don’t hold your breath.

Jean Baptiste Santens – Eloise
Jean Baptiste Santes Hairstylist – Eloise
plus size model Paulette Osborne – photographer unknown, via
Sarah Harris, Vogue UK editor, photographer unknown (Pinterest)
Gun Britt Zeller – photo by Laerke Posselt


Yasmina Rossi – photographer unknown

What are your views? Grey yay or nay?   Til next time,   Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM

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27 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. I don’t think I will give in graciously to grey hair either. My Mum’s hair is virtually white, I much prefer the white-grey as opposed to silver-grey if you understand me? This is one trend I’m not ready for 🙂

  2. Grey hair looks so dramatic – look at those different tones and shades. Beautiful. Love that they’ve got young models with grey hair – great appearance diversity there!
    (My suggestion with this blog post is to credit – link back – to where you sourced these pics. It’s only polite to the photographer/original source. I usually just write ‘source’ below the pic and hyperlink over that word.) Great post!

  3. I’m transitioning to grey at the moment, it’s been five months since I last had it dyed. I found my first grey at 16 , started dyeing my hair in my 20’s and was need at least touch ups every 6 weeks but really my hair only looked ok for a couple. I had gone lighter and lighter( a long way from the original black shiny hair). I had always thought I’d keep up with the dyeing till I was at least 60 (I’m 46) and one day I just decided I think I’d rather be grey than this weird light colour. It’s kind of fun watching to see what my actual hair colour is and how it makes me look, although it’s a slow process and I am a bit impatient with it.
    p.s Lots of people say they like it
    p.p.s I can always change my mind later

  4. My mum is 78 this year and still gets her hair dyed blonde about every 3-4 weeks. She has gloriously thick hair and I’ve been trying to talk her into gradually going grey. It would look so much classier and be so much easier and cheaper for her to maintain. She reckons my dad wants her to keep it blonde. Ugh! I’d never let a man tell me how I can wear my own hair!

  5. I’ve been slowly turning grey since I was 23. I keep it covered but lately not as often. Lately I’ve been letting the grey show through in the hopes I’ll get used to it. I’m not there yet, hell I’m only 35, but I’m pretty sure eventually I’ll be one of those woman rocking a full head of grey hair. And those pictures just show me how gorgeous it can be!

  6. I am 29 and have just started to see a few grey hairs. I am naturally a light brown/blonde colour and so am going to continue to get blonde highlights, and eventually fade it out to go grey. I think it looks stylish and chic….

    1. It is less of a transition to go from blonde to grey/white, you are so lucky x I met this amazing girl last night, in her early twenties. With a beautiful white/grey bob, and it looked absolutely stunning.

  7. I have started dying my hair for the first time this year. (I am nearly 36) My mum has salt and pepper black/grey hair so I am assuming mine will go the same way. Love the photos above.

  8. At the moment I am fighting the grey although have been debating the “value” of it – perceived or otherwise.
    I figure I could save at least $1200 a year by giving in to nature, which would be a wonderful weekend away. I’m 48 and have been fighting since my early 20’s. The amount of money I have spent on the battle over the years would terrify me if I actually calculated it.
    Currently I’m blonde and I see my hairdresser every 4 weeks. Only today I was trying to imagine if I just asked her to dye it all grey and be done with it. I think you have to be made up each & every day to carry grey off without it appearing to age you – something I just don’t have the time to do each & every day.
    I guess the fact that I am still debating it means I’m not quite ready to give up yet.

    1. You have answered your own question! Damn, when you look at it like that, that is an amazing amount of money we spend ! But hey, if it makes you feel good, why not. And I agree, like with very short hair, you feel you need to make a bit more of an effort with the face. You will know when you are ready to throw in the hair dye towel! x

  9. Ahh….see, if only my hair would grow grey all at once I’d go Yay. But we all know that ain’t happening, and it’s the little bits that turns grey that annoys me. Found one recently and nearly died. If say I had lots peppered all over, then I’d probably…oh who am I kidding…it’s a nay :p

  10. I am more worried about maintaining the thickness of my hair/hairline than its colour. I have thick wavvy hair and love it. Would hate to see it go thin, which it is a little at the front? Have a fair few greys at 32, but nothing to really obsess over. I usually have fairly natural hair and don’t dye it very much at all. That said, I do think that having good skin would help rock a grey look, as you can look a little drawn with no colour otherwise. I think a bright lippie would pop so nicey against grey!

  11. Grey hair is so in right now! I’d be keen on a ombre hair colour with grey ends, but it’d be so much maintenance and cost so much due to my naturally dark hair that goes so orange when bleached!
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