Big W Peter Morrissey PU Skater Skirt 3 Ways!

When I am thinking about adding something to my wardrobe that I am a little uncertain about, I need to justify its place in my cupboard – whether it might cost $35 or $350 (in this case it was only $35).
So usually my rule is, (not always! Sometimes you just have to have it!) if you can make 3 different outfits with existing items: you should buy it.

I posted the outfit I wore yesterday, so there is the first one! See it here:
Below are another 3 outfits for different occasions.

I felt the flippy skirt needed something wide on the shoulders to balance it out.

This is what I came up with (excuse the quality of the photographs. Having a hard time finding the right time to photograph outside of working hours! Just pretend they’re artistic)








Peter Morrissey for Big W PU skirt, worn with: Sussans Tshirt, Coles Puffer Vest, Kmart cut out booties


Peter Morrissey for Big W PU skirt, worn with Witchery Striped top, Oroton Bag, Zara booties and necklace
Peter Morrissey for Big W PU skirt worn with: My Husbands Van Heusen business shirt, Kmart clutch, Her Fashion Box belt, vintage necklaces, Oroton earrings, Witchery pumps

So glad I decided to buy it, I think it works.

Do you have a set of rules before you decide to buy something?

Til Next time,

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15 thoughts on “Big W Peter Morrissey PU Skater Skirt 3 Ways!

  1. Oooo I am loving that third look! Well, I love all of them, but that is my favorite- soooo glam and fabulous!

    1. Thank you! Was channeling Sharon Stone when she was wearing a plain white shirt with a maxi skirt by Chanel I think for an awards night! Not quite there, but it sorta works x

  2. That skirt looks fantastic on you! I saw a couple of sales assistants in Witchery yesterday wearing something similar, but I’m sure it wasn’t $35!

    Love those Zara booties. Gorgeous!

    1. I love when i go into a boutique or one if the trendier stores and they comment on what i wear. ( and I am sure they are told to do that!) and i LOVE saying, well actually, guess where i got that from : Kmart or Big W! Bargain satisfaction right there. BAM! X

  3. mummywifeme says:

    What a great buy! The third look is my fave. Very classic. I don’t really have a set of rules before buying – although I rarely buy anything crazy expensive.

  4. I love all outfits Barbe although if I had to pick one it would be the one with the striped top. I love your justification for buying something new – I think I may borrow that 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate! Feel free to borrow that set of rules! However, when it comes to make up i overspend! I have wayyy too much make up! X

  5. You look great in all of them :-).

    I have to LOVE how it looks on me or I don’t buy it. Which means sometimes I can’t find anything, but other days (like yesterday!) I hit pay dirt and come home with half a dozen things!

    1. Thank you! And how satisfying is it when you come home with a whole lot goodies that you LOVE!
      Oh my goodness, all the sales are doing my head in! X

  6. Can you look anymore hotter!! Wowza! Love that skirt – hang on – I just LOVE all the outfits you’ve put together with that one skirt. I’m the same – if I can’t wear it more than one way, then it’s not worth being in my wardrobe.

  7. I have this skirt! So far I’ve only worn it once (to work) with a black and white striped top (tucked in), black wide belt, black opaque tights and black ankle boots. Thanks for the inspo!

  8. Barbe, you are a babe xxx I love your style. You realise now you will become my go-to girl for ANY clothes bits.x

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