Where I went: A Road Trip to the Country – Lake Cargelligo

No style tips, nor glamour shots for this post. Good, honest life in the Australian bush will be written about here.
No one cares about some visiting Suburban Fashionista.
No one would even care what the next black is.
No one cares about the next big thing the city slickers are wearing.

They care about functionality and longevity, not strategically ripped jeans to wear with high heels. Clothes are for covering up and protect.

A little humbling.

I started to question myself, Am I really that shallow? (Don’t worry, I snapped out of it when we got back to Sydney, as fast as you can say “New Winter Collection”)

A couple of months ago, I took a road trip together with my friend. Her mum lives in the Central West NSW town of Lake Cargelligo, 551kms from Sydney. It was a 7 hour trip with stops along the way at Orange and Parkes (and at whatever interesting things we saw on the way, including Kmart, a Rhino dressed as Elvis, a sign that said Bogan Gate, and a BEAUTIFUL crop of sunflowers).

I have never been out this far in the country and it was nice being a passenger and tourist watching the scenery and landscape slowly change and get more lonely and red.

Orange, NSW


Leanne just hanging around in Orange, NSW



Elvis Museum in Parkes, NSW. Thank you very much, thank you



What stood out in my mind, is how everything just slows down. No urgencies, speech gets slow and drawn out, and there is no hurry what so ever. The hospitality and generosity of the lovely people I met. I tasted home made pickles, I was given the grand tour of a working cattle farm and was told about nearly every single cow and bull on that land.

“See that yella cow? It is the ugliest God Damned cow in the world, but sheeesshhhh she works well!” (censored)


Said poor cow


I left with a doggy bag of freshly caught fish and fresly laid eggs.

I was touched by these good people who live their lives according to the harvest seasons.

Eventhough I am a city girl through and through, I can see the appeal of livnig in a slower paced community.

I learned a few phrases and was inspired by the colours of the country. Bright blue, rustic reds, and faded greens.  Below are some of the photos I took.






imaginative recycling for a mailbox






Thanks Lake, it has been a gorgeous week. Hope you will have me back for a visit one day…


Ok. One fashion shot then. This is the oldest, most worn Akubra hat I have ever seen.

To learn more about Lake Cargelligo, click HERE

“Lake”as it is known by the locals, was featured on “Saturday” Program back in 1976. Unfortunately the picture theatre is no longer in use, but nothing much else has changed.
Watch it here

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Til Next time,
Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM

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4 thoughts on “Where I went: A Road Trip to the Country – Lake Cargelligo

  1. Love the truck pic. I grew up in the central west, so this is a real trip down memory lane. Glad you had so much fun.

    1. I took so many photos. People at Lake must have thought i was nuts taking photos of gates and ramshackle houses that needed painting! Thanks for commenting. X

      1. Lol. You don’t appreciate stuff if it’s around you all the time. Thanks for visiting me back.

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