Product Review – Wantable Box February

Today I received my second Beauty Wantable Box. I received my very first one in December (see my review HERE)

Wantable is one of the few Subscription Boxes from the US, that ships to Australia. Fairly high end, it contains mainly 4-5 full size products with the odd sample.There are 3 different boxes available: Cosmetics, accessories and intimates. Check out their website here

I like the idea of receiving products that may not be available in Oz.

The thing I like about Wantable, is that your box is personalised to your needs, looks and wants!

It costs US$40 for a one off order, or for US$36 per month you get spoiled every month! Shipping to Australia is US$10

LOVED, what was in my box this month!


Very excited about this Face of Stockholm Corrector Quad for Medium Skin.
Really? Blue Mascara is coming back? Ok then. I will give it a go.
Golden Rose Perfect Lash Mascara Blue US$10.99
YUMMM Sparkly denim blue nails!
Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer Kawako
RRP US$10.00
Beautiful natural but very pigmented lipgloss. My new favourite I think.
DEX New York Lip Gloss Amsterdam Avenue
RRP US$18.00
I also received a sample of Sorme Anti Ageing Trial Size Under Foundation Make up Enhancer. Will let you all now how that works!

So that makes a value of US$70.99

I like the finish of this polish. I have not used a topcoat here, and it is a semi gloss finish.Sparkly enough to be interesting but still ok for work!
I used my new blue mascara and my lipgloss here. Photobomb by my daughter!
I have had different reactions to this mascara. My husband:”I dont like that blue stuff you have on your eyes”. In the supermarket ex colleague who knows his make up: “omg dahlink, LOVE your blue mascara” . Daughter: “Looks weird.” Girlfriend: “OOHH i like it! Very 80s! ” The jury is still out on this one.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this gloss. It is a perfect colour and finish for me!

I am absolutely STOKED with my box, I am really happy.

I might try an Intimates box next!

Have you tried Wantable Boxes?

I am planning on doing a tutorial on how to use colour correctors: is this something you would be interested in?

Til next time,

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.51.38 PM

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10 thoughts on “Product Review – Wantable Box February

  1. I’d never heard of Wantables before…I love your blue mascara! I used to wear it too and people had a hard time with it. they didn’t know what to make of it. Bright fuchsia lipstick was another one. I guess the 80s are still challenging to some folk. But carry on and blink up a blue streak, I say! 🙂

  2. I’ve only every tried the Wantable accessories box and didn’t mind it. $40 for a box of more than just two things is amazing value…but I do wish they would take away the postage cost…yeah I know it’s only $10 but sounds nicer if they absorbed it. Btw LOVE the blue mascara!!!

    1. You’re right, the postage makes it a very pricey box. I am impressed with the quality of the products. There is nothing worse falling in love with a sample size product that you have paid for, technically, and then running out after one go. These are full size products, and i still use products from my december box every day as staples! (Case in point, the primer sample in this box is AMAZING. I will be looking for that to purchase. It feels like liquid silk on my skin!). Thanks for commenting, Norlin x

  3. I really like the Wantables box. I only get it a few times a year though because everything is full size and I just don’t see me using that much make up to justify every month 🙂 I got the Dex lippie in my January box and I agree, I loved it. Perfect color and the finish is something I don’t quite know how to describe. It’s not “goopy” or sticky or anything like that. Just like satin I think.

  4. This looks like a great box! I LOVE the blue mascara, it would be fun to amp up a weekend style. What does the Face of Stockholm Corrector Quad do? I thought it was eyeshadow at first, but it looks like you apply it to your skin?

  5. I think you should do a tutorial! I think the blue mascara is fun, but not for everyday wear…and that lipgloss and polish are beautiful…great value! 🙂 I’ll be reviewing my intimates box soon

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